About me

My name is Maria Osorio, I am a historian, I come from Granada and I work as a tour guide. I was lucky enough to be able to turn my passion into my profession..


María Osorio

When I travel as a tourist myself, I try to stay away from standardised tours and large groups. As a guide, I want to offer my clients exactly what I would want as a traveller myself. By this I mean tours for small groups or even private tours for a family, couple or group of friends. They should also be relaxed tours that adapt to the rhythm of the city, take you to hidden places that are not particularly frequented by tourists and include visits to typical local restaurants. Personal contact with my clients is very important to me. I want to get to know you and design the tour so that it is optimally adapted to your needs. That is why this homepage exists. Your guided tour should be as close as possible to a walk with friends. We look forward to showing you another Granada from a different perspective.”>

Visita Guiada Alhambra Granada

My team

Such guided tours would not be possible without a team based on trust, sharing ideas, experiences and tastes. I am lucky to be able to count on the best staff. This allows us to offer guided tours in four different languages.

Our goal

Above all, we want our guests to enjoy, learn and discover. They should be able to take the best out of their stay in Granada, get a desire for more and want to return again and again.