Visit Granada to your liking

History is the traces that time leaves behind in a specific geographical and cultural space. Helping others to understand those traces is what I love most about my profession. Because for me, that story is the common thread that gives meaning to the daily reality that surrounds us.

In a city like Granada, a city with a fascinating conglomerate of cultures, where over time multiple civilizations have lived overlapping, that history is manifested in all the beauty of art and the thousands of magical corners that surround it.

In this visit to the center, I will guide you through those traces of history so that you can understand the special contexts that make up our great cultural, gastronomic and urban legacy.

Dare to live this city as an inhabitant who belongs to that story for a few hours. Make this city yours.

Understand those tracks.

I propose a trip back in time so that you take a piece of Granada with you in your heart.

carmen de los martires pavo real

Casa morisca Albayzin Granada
vistas desde gran via
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Imagen romantica Alhambra de Granada