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The Alhambra, what they have never told you

For those who have their first contact with the Alhambra in Granada and learn more about it, the first question is what was it?

When we talk about la Alhambra We must not only think of its beautiful palaces, but of a large monumental complex of more than 13 hectares that encompasses an entire Islamic city, with palaces, mosques, baths and gardens. But the Alhambra was also a fortress and for this reason it is still protected by an impressive wall and towers.

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The Alhambra is the only Islamic city from this era that has been preserved in the world, one of the most visited monuments in Europe and a World Heritage Site since 1984.

And if you want to know a little more about his historia de la Alhambra 

Where is the Alhambra?

The location of the Alhambra is not accidental. It is located on a hill from which the rest of the city of Granada and its surroundings can be seen and controlled. This privileged place guaranteed the physical presence of the sultan over the city he ruled.

The name of the Nazarí dynasty is linked to that of the Alhambra since they are the ones who began its construction from 1238 and moved the court from the hill of the Albaicín to the neighboring hill of Sabika.

Did you know that the Alhambra was not only the residence of the Nasrid sultans? It was also for court officials, noble families, artisans, etc. It was what is called a palatine city, almost independent from the rest of the city of Granada. In the Alhambra, ceramics and silk were manufactured, coins were minted, practically everything that was consumed was cultivated, etc.

Its period of maximum splendor was during the second half of the s. XIV, in this period the population reaches around 2000 inhabitants.



What makes the Alhambra so special?

But undoubtedly what the Alhambra is known worldwide for is the beauty and refinement of the intense decoration of its palaces, the so-called fear of emptiness, not a single corner remains undecorated. From the wonderful wooden ceilings, to the walls completely covered with magnificent sculpted plasterboard, the ceramics with complex geometric shapes… It is difficult to fix your eyes on a specific place, everything is beautiful, it seems that everything is in movement. If you want to know more, join us on our private visits.


What is the Generalife?

A separate chapter deserves Generalife.  To know what it was, you must know that it was an Almunia, that is, a summer residence surrounded by water, gardens and orchards.

Is the Generalife part of the Alhambra?

Located relatively close to the palaces but far from the problems, from the conflicts of the court. A true earthly paradise.


Let us accompany you, forget about following plans, enjoy and allow us to show you why no one should miss a visit to the Alhambra. Discover our visit  tailor-made for you or as part of a group. Let us accompany you through this little paradise. 

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